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Experience Matters
Attorney Ronald R. Frauenshuh, Jr. in Ortonville, Minnesota , is engaged in the general practice of law, including Divorce, Criminal Law, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation, and Parenting Time Expeditor. Mr. Frauenshuh has been practicing for over 28 years, and has significant experience in conflict resolution, in litigation, and in Mediation.

Seasoned and Skilled Litigator
You need an attorney who can resolve issues as soon as possible, as a skilled litigator.
Ron loves the courtroom, trying cases in civil and domestic courts. He will aggressively fight for your rights, and effectively communicate with the court system on your behalf.

Litigate or Mediate?
You don't "have" to go to court.
The practice of law involves the ability to nurture people through difficult times, and yet assure that they spend as little time possible in the legal system. A popular method of speeding up the conflict process today is in the form of Mediation, or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), where the opposing parties meet with a trained Mediator, rather than face the expense and months of waiting involved in the litigation process. Mr. Frauenshuh has been a Mediator for over 19 years, and has successfully assisted clients in this non-confrontational process to settle legal matters. It is a process sometimes used instead of going to court, or used as an option pre-court, to help settle the case faster.

Sponsor of "Legal Advice Without the Price" Radio Program

Ron Frauenshuh Jr. can be heard on KIXX 96.1 FM radio, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:20 am. "Legal Advice Without the Price", a program Ron has been featured on for over 17 years, is a local radio program that provides a format to discuss various legal questions.